Kevin Buchan – Question Time

Coach questions

  1. Name? Kevin Buchan
  2. Role at club? 1st team assistant coach
  3. Playing background? Predominantly with Westdyke community club and I also played with the amateurs and juniors as well.
  4. Talk about your coaching career? Started coaching when I was 15 with Westdyke and took a team from under 10s to 19s then coached at Westdyke Amateurs then set up a Westdyke goalkeeping school working with 40 odd goalies a week, I ran that for four years before coming to Aberdeen.
  5. In your coaching career to date, has there been any highlights? So far, coaching here at Aberdeen Ladies, reached a couple of cup finals with Westdyke, won a few and lost a few.
  6. Favourite food? Curry.
  7. Who is the biggest joker at the club? Stefan Laird.
  8. Favourite football team? Aberdeen.
  9. Favourite band or music genre? Metallica.
  10. Best ground you have played or coached at and what was the game? As a player I played at Pittodrie for Westdyke at Under 15s

Any nicknames? When I was young squeaker as my voice always squeaked when I asked for the ball. Now it’s Kev