The club have had a great deal of success and achievements including:

Winners: Ladies SWFL Division 1

Winners: Ladies SWFL League Cup

Runners: Ladies SWFL Division 2

Winners: Girls ERGFL 17’s League & League Cup – 2017

Winners: Girls NRGFL 17’s League

Winners: Girls NRGFL 16’s League – 2016

Runners up: Girls NRGFL 15’s League

Winners: Girls NRGFL 13’s League

Winners: National tournaments at 11’s, 13’s and 15’s age groups


Additionally in player development we have the following:

2 players in SFA Ladies National squad

7 players in the SFA 19’s, 17’s & 15 SFA National squad

2 players in the Scottish Schools 16’s National squad

7 players in the SFA Regional squads 16’s level

10 players in the SFA Regional squads 14’s level

3 players in the SFA Regional squads 12’s level

5 players in the SFA Football Academy (Aberdeen ASV)


Find out more about us

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[btn text=”Constitution” tcolor=#FFF bcolor=#dd0000 thovercolor=#FFF bhovercolor=#444 link=”https://www.aberdeenfcladies.com/about/constitution/” target=”_self”]
[btn text=”Vision” tcolor=#FFF bcolor=#dd0000 thovercolor=#FFF bhovercolor=#444 link=”https://www.aberdeenfcladies.com/about/vision/” target=”_self”]


Get involved-we always welcome new players. volunteers and sponsors.

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