The purpose of the Aberdeen FC Ladies is to provide a supportive environment for all its members in the Aberdeenshire area to develop and mature through football participation as players, coaches, administrators and supporters.

Aberdeen FC Ladies will strive to be a “league leader” in the football community, with a growing reputation for excellent coach and player development and effective club administration.


 Our Values

As members of Aberdeen FC Ladies will have a reputation for being inclusive and welcoming. We do not support a ‘win at all costs’ philosophy – participation, learning and enjoyment of the game are priorities.

We value:

· Respect for team mates, opposition players, coaches and officials

· Fair Play according to the rules and spirit of sportsmanship

· Education for players, coaches and administrators in a supportive team environment

· A culture of mature, responsible behaviour at all levels.



To be at the fore front of girls and ladies football in the country, with benchmark measures in place at Aberdeen FC Ladies in all aspects of player development, coaching and club administration.

Provide the opportunity for all coaches, players and administrators at the club, to develop their full potential.

Promote the positive culture and leadership

Promote as a strong community value our stance on non-violent behaviour and positive role- modelling for young people.

Football will be coached, played and supported in accordance with the spirit of the game, represented by fair play and sportsmanship.

Coaches will be supported to create and maintain a positive learning environment during training and games, demonstrated by an educational focus, calm player instruction and an emphasis on participation.

Success will be measured through resulting improvements in football performance through individual and team participation.


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Get involved-we always welcome new players, volunteers and sponsors.

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