Dear Players and parents,


Firstly I hope this update finds you all well as we now enter the 4th month of this pandemic and there is renewed positivity in guidelines being possibly relaxed over the weeks ahead.


The club has formed a sub-group responsible to create, plan and implement required practices ahead of a further update from the Scottish Government as well as from the Scottish FA and Scottish Women’s Football associations.


I myself have been in regular contact with the facilities that our club uses for training and they will all be attending a virtual meeting with the SFA on Thursday 9th July to discuss further the possible relaxation of guidelines which will enable them to look at re-opening some of their facilities in the weeks to come, however, despite what some may read or hear, they remain CLOSED and will do so until it is safe to return.


We must adhere to all guidelines so that football can happen in a way that is in line with Scottish Government advice and helps to prevent the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and we are working closely with the relative bodies on ‘Planning and Preparing’ for phase three of the Scottish Government Route Map, when we can maybe expect facilities to start to open.


It is very important to note, although the Scottish Government give the decisions and date the SFA & SWF have to review and then give guidance to member clubs. From that guidance Clubs themselves have to review and implement before rolling out to all players and parents. There will inevitably be a time delay from any Scottish Government announcement to Club return to training, however, please be assured we will endeavour to keep this to an absolute minimum to ensure as safe as possible environment for your daughters to train.


In line with the Scottish Government Guidelines updated on 18 June, the Scottish FA continue to encourage only informal football activity to take place as follows:

  • Playing football individually e.g. practice of individual skills or fitness activities.
  • Playing football with your family or other people living in your household.
  • Football activity with up to a maximum of 8 individuals from three households; physical distancing and hygiene guidelines must be followed while undertaking all forms of physical activity.


Whilst I appreciate everyone is eager to get back to football you have all done great up to date so a little more time and patience would be hugely appreciated and will go a long way to ensuring our club follow the correct guidelines and protocol.


Thanks as ever for your support and as and when we get further updates, we will communicate out accordingly.


Best wishes
AFCL Committee